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Digital Marketing
Digital Competitive Analysis
Competitive analysis is a tool to know the weaknesses of your competitors and how to make it a part of your strength. Our in-depth analysis helps in identifying the opportunities and threats your competitors possess. We constantly compare your marketing objectives and promotional efforts to not only make your brand number one but to make you recognise the full scope of your business.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our SEO practices make your brand stand first on the search engines. Our SEO experts ensure that SEO rankings make your brand stand out and is easily found by your current and potential customers. At Core Techies we provide next-level SEO techniques to enable timely and relevant services to optimise the content. Our result-oriented techniques to increase traffic is the mantra defining every facet of our SEO practice.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Our SEM expertise is effective and connects brands with customers and prospects. The advantage of SEM is that results are visible in no time. Our services include evaluation of search demand, setting priorities, budget for SEM strategy, striking an ideal balance between an organic and paid search for our valued clients. We make it a point that every click is worth the investment!
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Social Media Marketing is all about telling your stories to the people. It expands your reach and helps you share the latest updates with your potential customers. Our digital marketing team believes that the end goal of social media is not solely to gain popularity but to influence people. With our services, we present our client’s brand effectively so that it gives a crystal-clear idea to the customers. We entirely focus on the demand of our clients, understand the target audience, psychology and behavioural patterns of the people.
Content Marketing
To create engaging online content is a challenge indeed as we have to catch the pulse of the online readers. What is more challenging for any content marketing company is to make the content visible on the right online marketing channels. Our content marketing team provides high-quality content writing and marketing services to clients all over the world. We provide end to end solution from creating rich content to distributing it to the right channels. Core Techies, promise to keep the audience engaged and build the brand. We aim to fill the gaps in between the content for your brand.
Video Marketing
Visual impressions are ever-lasting. Core Techies believes in taking your business to greater heights through video marketing strategies. It is an innovative approach for brands advertising and promoting products to the target audience. Our video marketers toil hard to create powerful and engaging content for our valued clients. At the same time, we work on videos in such a way that your brand ranks high and your visibility increases in the market. If you are a startup and want to build the trust factor for your brand use video marketing techniques to expand your business.
Email Marketing Campaigns
Are you toyed by the thought if your e-mail went to the spam folder of your customer or will they check your e-mail campaign? Core Techies, experienced digital marketing team make e-mails land into the inbox and leave a lasting impression in the mind of your target audience. E-mail marketing is the most active form of direct marketing which plays a big role in increasing brand awareness. Our team regularly monitor the trends and change them from time to time. Our service is target specific which works on defined parameters.
Facebook Advertising Campaigns
Getting to know who is your target audience is the most crucial step in Facebook advertising campaigns. We use touchstone methods to understand the best-customised strategies for your business. We do suggest and make our clients understand the nature of advertising campaigns that may suit best as per Facebook. Core Techies, use result-oriented techniques to bring in more engagements to your brands. The right approach, right audience and right technique is the key to make advertising campaigns successful.
LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns
LinkedIn is a powerful advertising platform. We use LinkedIn for Pay Per Click advertisements as we do on Facebook, Twitter and Google. Our clear -defined goal is the most basic key to the success rate of your campaigns. Companies use this platform for different types of advertising campaigns to increase their reach, engagements and business profits. Our experienced team design brand focussed campaigns through In-Mail advertising or sponsored advertising etc.

About Our Digital Marketing

‘Building Brands with Purpose and Passion!’

In the digital terrain where everything is connected. We believe digital marketing is evolving, fast and we need to keep going with the flow. Digital progress is powered by technological development. Digital progression is connected to creativity and combines a wide range of digital marketing disciplines, from mobile and web responsive designs to search and social media campaigns. Core Techies is the one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs.

Core Techies is a digital marketing company based in India. We as a team are a unique and enthralling mix of innovativeness and diligence with an additional sprinkle of creativity. Our digital marketing team follows an approach which is backed by strategy, creativity and optimised with a goal-oriented approach for results. We understand that every client and project we deal with has a unique idea and wants to be different in the market. Core Techies, follow a methodology and technique that keeps the user at the heart of the experience from the start. Our result-oriented working at all stages of development in the digital world helps us deliver qualitative solutions to our target audience.

Core Techies digital marketing team excel in every aspect of online marketing and create a perfect blend of strategies to enhance your brand’s visibility and bring potential clients for the business. Our motto is to give ‘voice’ and bring due ‘recognition’ to your brand.

Our Digital Marketing

Brand Definition
Defining any brand is like self-discovery. We define the presence of your product and we add the ‘Brand Factor’ for product recognition among your target audience. We make your brand stand out from competitors. Core Techies ardently believes that “a brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.”
Buyers Creations
Our team aims to reflect ‘Buyers Persona’s’ while we develop our digital marketing strategies. It helps us to reach an apt target audience in the market. Our focus is to create a brand around values which connects to people. Thus, if people believe that they share values with your company, they will stay loyal to your brand.
Goal Setup
Goals define your Future! That is why our digital marketing team sets strategies that are always goal-oriented. The goal of each of our marketing campaigns is always specific, measurable and relevant. Our team believes that ‘a goal properly set is halfway reached.'
Methods Selection
A Goal without Plan is just a wish! The effective execution of a plan is what counts and not mere planning on paper. The execution process that we adopt reflects the brand’s image and serve the purpose of the brand. Our experts possess the ability to amalgamate strategy with buyer’s persona and goals of your brand to achieve the promised results.
Budget Setup
We don’t believe in the idea to ‘throw everything at the wall and see what sticks’ since it is a waste of time and money. Our approach to set a budget is always result-oriented. Our team analyse all the aspects of strategies that have worked for your brand. Measuring success and failures in the past is the best way to set an appropriate budget. We believe that the keyword here is ‘success’ and not the ‘cost.’
Results Measurement
“If you can’t keep track of your progress, you can never know whether you are going in the right direction or not.” At Core Techies, we assess marketing performance frequently and solemnly. Our powerful AI-driven analytics on previous steps help the entrepreneurs to make the right calls for their next marketing strategy.

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Noida Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Ground Floor, Workwings, H-187, Sector 63,
Noida (201301), NCR, India
(M) +91 9315213579

Bikaner Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Office 103, E 9 & 10, Kanta Khaturia,
Bikaner (334001) , Rajasthan, India
(M) +91 969 4322999

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Connect with us to know what we are up to. We keep our target audience in loop with all the current happenings at Core Techies

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Copyright © Core Techies India Private Limited

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