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Startup Consulting
Idea Validation
Core Techies have experienced experts who help clients to extract the best from the business idea. We conduct an in-depth analysis to reach a conclusion and do a comparative analysis to know what element makes your idea unique. To better judge your ideas, we brainstorm on the purpose, target audience and the business goals you want to achieve through your startup.
Market Research
Core Techies consultants do a market analysis to accommodate your users taste and help you enhance the performance of the product. We conduct market research to provide clients with relevant data and market trends in your area of business. We conduct extensive market research to develop a product to inherit best practices and technology from the very start of your business.
Business Model Validation
Business model validation helps minimize the risks for failures in the market. We conduct experiments based on primary data collected from the market. Consultants formulate a custom hypothesis of your business based on solid facts. We aim to save your time, energy and money by developing your business model based on facts and not on assumptions.
Startup Assessment
Startup assessment is all about evaluating the progress of your business idea. We identify challenges and revive your business. We aim to revive your stalled business model by introducing new technologies and suggest new market trends in the business markets. Assessing your startup growth from time to time help our clients to make informed decisions about your business progress.
Technology Consulting
Core Techies technology consulting services provide you with expert and innovative technology suggestions for the transformation of your business. We build strategic plans that address the challenges of the industry by introducing new technology solutions for the expansion of your business in the market.
Marketing Consulting
We guide our clients about the best marketing practices to expand their business. Our consultants provide tailored marketing tools to increase the scalability of the business in the competitive market. We are known for our unbiased, honest and actionable feedback on concept, technology solutions and execution of marketing strategies for the success of your startup business.

About Our Startup Consulting Services

‘The value of an idea lies in using it’

Are you toyed by an idea and want to get it developed into a successful business? Core Techies is your one-stop solution for all your business requirement. Setting-up a business not only brings fame but its share of responsibility. It becomes tough for budding entrepreneurs to work on their ideas and stand out in the competitive market. To establish a successful business, we need to use apt innovative and modern technology to expand our startup business.

Core Techies experienced consultants guide you with upright solutions to establish standing in the market. Our team believes that every idea our clients’ share needs personalised attention at every stage of the development process. Our personalised attention to our clients includes investigation, evolved custom strategy, research target potential, performance etc. We aim to assist you in your journey of success and make it easy and simple by doing all the hard work for you.

Our team includes experienced researcher, technologists, business model developers and creative marketers. Core Techies use touchstone methods to adopt best practices to make your venture a successful enterprise. Core Techies startup consultancy services go beyond just establishing a new startup business. Instead, our support team provide refined methods and trending patterns to take your startup business to a new horizon. We aim to provide services which help budding entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about the growth and progress of the business.

Do you have an idea? Discuss with us and realise the potential we have to offer you.

Our App Development

Communication Setup
Communication is your ticket to success if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively. Core Techies consultants hear and suggest ideas which are fruitful for the expansion of your business. We validate your idea after researching on various aspects that may lead you ahead of your competitors.
Concept Preparation
The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. We aim to help our clients by giving a clear picture of the future outcomes of your business idea in the future. We prepare a roadmap by sketching a rough draft about your goals, target audience persona to device a custom concept for your startup business.
Business Strategy
Core Techies experienced consultants align the entire business strategy. We prepare a business strategy in a phased manner. We bring the bits and pieces together to achieve all your set business goals. Core Techies business strategy includes the investment plan for your business.
Idea Implementation
Ideas are easy, implementation is hard! Core Techies professional experts make the path from planning to implementation of the idea smooth. Core Techies believe that implementation phase prepares a strong base to let you reap more profits from your successful business.
Technological Solutions
As solution providers we analyse the client’s current needs and business set-up to understand their current requirement of technology. We provide honest inputs about the most suitable technology for your business. Core Techies technological solutions are robust, responsive and customer-centric.
Core Techies startup consultation services provide and edge to your business launch in the market. We conduct healthy buzz in your area of business and help you achieve an awesome start for your startup!

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Noida Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Ground Floor, Workwings, H-187, Sector 63,
Noida (201301), NCR, India
(M) +91 9315213579

Bikaner Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Office 103, E 9 & 10, Kanta Khaturia,
Bikaner (334001) , Rajasthan, India
(M) +91 969 4322999

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Connect with us to know what we are up to. We keep our target audience in loop with all the current happenings at Core Techies

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Copyright © Core Techies India Private Limited

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