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Web Strategy & Consulting
A vision without a strategy remains an illusion. Web developers at Core Techies believe that a brand cannot be everything to everyone. Our developers plan custom strategies for your business. We understand your vision and the needs of your target audience. We pick the right technology for your website depending on the traffic, purpose and market competition. Core Techies promise to not only create websites but give a seamless experience to our clients. The essence of our strategy is to let our clients know ‘what not to do.’
Web Prototyping & Stories
Prototyping is an essential part of the digital design process. It is an interactive mock-up of your web design. Our developers stimulate designs to sketch a demo of what a website will look like when it goes live. Core Techies aim to save time and deliver the required results to clients. We use touchstone methods to lay a solid foundation of stories to get the final design right. The success of a prototype depends on a correct plan to bring a significant difference in the entire design process and output. We believe that ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand pictures.’
Web UI/UX Designs
Understanding the brand is the most critical job before working on the user interface. Our experts create custom designs to enhance the result-oriented user interface. We aim to save money, efforts and time by leveraging our conceptual UI/UX design. Core Techies have highly professional and expert UI/UX designers. We aim to provide a combination of a smooth design, interacting interface and user- friendly experience to make your clients love your brand. Our experienced team understand your brand ideology to improve the overall experience and aim for ‘Design simple yet significant.’
Responsive Web Design
Our highly experienced web developers use result-oriented methodologies to bring a blend of responsiveness, experience and engagements. We aim is to craft brilliant ideas ensuring user-satisfaction and adding value to the client’s business. Our major concern while developing a responsive web design is to enhance the compatibility of the design. We develop creative and responsive website design that is flexible across all the smart devices and provides visitors with rich user experience.
Web Development
We provide web development services across multiple platforms integrating complex features and functionality into your websites. Our approach incorporates both to weave client ideas and to provide a smooth user experience. We make efficient use of the planned strategies and latest methodologies such as MEAN & MERN stack, JAVA and PHP to deliver creative solutions to our valued clients.
Web Maintenance & Support
Core Techies professional developers use their years of experience to plan a goal-oriented strategy for your business. A systematic plan and corrective strategy enable developers to improve the performance and security of your website. We provide our support beyond developing a website for your business. Our web support aims to keep your website up-to-date, fast and deliver seamless online services.

About Our Web Development

‘We just don’t build a website. We build a website that sells!’

A professionally designed website is essential to any business to achieve success in the online realm. The look and the feel of your website are paramount in determining whether someone stays or leaves it. Core Techies is a one-stop solution for all your website related problems. Are you looking for ways as to how you can get your business online? Website development can become a medium to expand your business. Our professional team not only design or develop your website but transform it into a business channel.

Core Techies web developers keep your business goals in their mind while planning the structure and design of your website. We understand that websites are windows that bring business and new opportunities to expand your businesses. Hence, we blend creative instincts and technical expertise to develop innovative web solutions for your business. Our web development strategies are focussed on client’s satisfaction.

Our skilled developers deliver development solutions for industries such as Health, Education, Travel, Food, e-Commerce and Corporate businesses. We provide web development services using technologies ranging from Angular.js, React.js, Node.js, Java Spring, Laravel, CodeIgniter etc and this makes us a one-stop solution for all your needs. Core Techies, as a renowned website development company stress on responsive web design, mobile-friendliness and advance analytics when we deliver our services to the clients. We create web solutions in a cost-effective and time-effective manner.

Core Techies web development team primarily focus on the ‘performance’ because they believe that ‘the power of the website comes from the people using it, not the people making it.’

Our Web Development

Research & Consulting
Consultants at Core Techies perform in-depth analysis understanding your business needs, objectives and business goals. We aim to prepare an outline map for your business. Planning is crucial and essential because we believe that ‘a plan only works when we plan the work.’
Architecture Design
Website architecture is a way we structure a website to ensure that we meet our clients’ set goals while delivering a great experience to the users. Our consultants while devising custom architecture analyse your brand approach to scale up your business goals and your user’s persona. We aim to assemble and scale up all your content and ensure that it is current, accurate, consistent and generate revenue.
Web Design
Our professional team build a responsive website and aim to accomplish your business goals. We work on web page design, developing and hosting websites. Web designers at Core Techies brainstorm about the colour schemes, graphic design etc to enhance user experience. We believe that half of the sales pitch is already accepted by your leads if you present it with a catchy design.
Web Development
Core Techies web developers work on each and every detail of website development. We aim to deliver our clients robust web solutions for your business. We are committed to developing custom strategies which promise to maintain data privacy and security of your business customers.
Testing and QA
Our highly experienced QA experts ensure detailed testing is conducted. The choice of the right testing model may affect the speed of the project delivery and efficiency of testing itself. Our team conduct testing and QA at all stages of development to ensure long term benefits.
Core Techies website development solution goes beyond the developing process. We make sure the launch of your digital portal is grand and bring more traffic from one day. We ensure that our clients make most out of the admin panel while planning their actions going through analytics, data visualization etc.

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Noida Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Ground Floor, Workwings, H-187, Sector 63,
Noida (201301), NCR, India
(M) +91 9315213579

Bikaner Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Office 103, E 9 & 10, Kanta Khaturia,
Bikaner (334001) , Rajasthan, India
(M) +91 969 4322999

Subscribe to CT News and Updates

Connect with us to know what we are up to. We keep our target audience in loop with all the current happenings at Core Techies

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Copyright © Core Techies India Private Limited

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