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Do you want to know how to develop an Edutech mobile app like Udemy? Edutech mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in providing online learning experiences to professionals, students and freelancers. The purpose is to make it easily accessible for educators, students and businesses to create and access digital content. Hence, Edutech apps provide a platform where users can access courses, lectures, videos, quizzes and other educational materials from anywhere in the world.

Developing an Edutech mobile app requires a deep understanding of the target audience’s needs and knowledge of the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning, natural language processing etc. Moreover, it also requires understanding how to develop a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly find what they need while providing an enjoyable experience. Therefore, every business needs to understand that having a customer-centric mobile application will help you stand out in the already crowded space

Core Techies an Edutech mobile app development company in the Netherlands provides you with a professional team of ios app developers who will create tailor-made educational mobile apps for your business.

5 Tips to Develop Interactive Educational Mobile Apps

Steps to Create an Edutech Mobile App. Find Out.

With the rise of the digital age, education has become increasingly accessible and convenient. The pandemic forced businesses to give up traditional ways to spread education among the masses. However, it was the time when people were looking for alternate ways to gain education and expand their knowledge. The demand for online education proliferated and it is when educational institutes and online platforms like Udemy and Coursera started to leverage mobile app development technology. In this blog, we will discuss how you can create an Edutech mobile application for your business in 2023. Therefore, an innovative mobile app will help you expand your business idea beyond geographical boundaries.

Here are the steps to create an E-learning mobile application:

#1. Validate your App Idea: 

To make a successful mobile application for your business. It is necessary to validate your idea before getting it developed in a robust e-learning mobile app. Hence, an e-learning mobile app can be developed in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the demand and do competitive research to explore the market and work on an idea that is favourable and has scope to expand in the future.

#2. Define your Niche 

Once you have validated your mobile app idea, it becomes essential to niche down and finalise the features you want to offer to your target audience. Moreover, you need to work on your app idea and develop an app that directly addresses the pain points of your users. Therefore, for this, you need to research areas and features that will make your educational or e-learning mobile app different from others in the market.

#3. Work on Your Revenue Model:

The revenue model you follow to monetise your edutech mobile app. Hence, after knowing your target audience, their needs and problems. It is time to work on your revenue model. Moreover, the most promising revenue model for e-learning apps like Udemy is to charge users on per course basis. Therefore, there are many other popular revenue models you can follow for your educational mobile apps like

  • the Subscription-based model,
  • paid certification model,
  • premium account and
  • sponsorship.

#5. Add Features : 

The feature you choose for your e-learning platform will help you stand out. It is a way to attract the target audience to your product. Hence, if you are planning to develop an e-learning platform like Udemy or Coursera, you need to focus on features like

  • Account Signup,
  • Profile Creation,
  • Course Progress
  • Dashboard,
  • Course Recommendation Window,
  • Assignment Submission Window
  • Customer Support
  • Payment Gateways
  • FAQs Chat Window.

Therefore, there are many more advanced features that you can include in your edu-tech mobile app and make it a successful business with time.

#6. Plan your Ui/UX Design 

The way you design your mobile app also affects your success rate. However, the UI/UX design you choose for your mobile needs to be simple, visually appealing and easily readable for the users. Therefore, it is essential to create a mobile app that a user can easily navigate from one window to another.

#7. Choose The Right Tech Stack

It is necessary to choose the right tech stack for your platform for your edutech mobile app. Moreover, it is always good to use advanced functionalities and stay ahead of the competition in the market. Therefore, Core Techies have a professional team of mobile app developers who can help you create a robust edutech mobile app to help learners enhance their skill.

#8. Create an MVP: 

When you are all set to develop your mobile app, it is always better to start with a minimum viable product. This helps to keep a check on what features are working for your app idea and what you can change in your to enhance the user experience.

Wrapping Up

Educational mobile applications are in great demand. We see how e-learning mobile apps is helping students, working professionals and even experts to enhance their skill and learn something unique. Edutech apps allow users to enhance their knowledge base by simply subscribing to a course of their choice.

Do you want to get an edutech mobile app developed for your edutech app like Udemy?

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(M) +91 9315213579

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