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Are you planning to build food delivery apps like Uber App? Technological development in every business vertical has made our lives easy. Hence, apps like Blinkit, Swiggy, Zomato etc, are some of the most popular mobile apps that help users order groceries and food at their doorstep. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that building a food delivery mobile app is a lucrative business idea for startup owners in 2024.

What are the 5 Best App Ideas to Start Your Food Business in 2022?

Core Techies, a mobile application development company in India, highlights the must-have features of building a food delivery app in 2024 to make it useful for users. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of the food delivery business and the trending features to build a food delivery app. Therefore the demand for food delivery apps is increasing because many people move out to other cities to work or study and hardly get time to cook food. It is when food delivery mobile apps come to the forefront to provide instant food delivery to the users.

Let’s dive straight into the topic and explore more about this. Keep scrolling and keep reading!

The Scope to Build a Food Delivery Apps like Uber App.

According to a recent study conducted by Rakuten Insights in April 2023, 19 per cent of the respondents ordered from food delivery apps once or twice a week. Moreover, 15 per cent of the respondents never ordered food through food delivery apps in the country. The reason could be the digital divide in some parts of the country.

If you are a food startup owner and are willing to build a food delivery app to manage and enhance your restaurant business, it is important to hire a professional team of mobile app developers who can craft a sketch for your app idea. Hence, to avoid complexities while developing a food delivery app, you need to first decide on the business model, sort your finances and have a rough idea about the features you need to build in the mobile application.

Here are the two most popular food delivery app models:

  1. Order Only Platform
  2. Order & Delivery Platform

How to Develop a Food Delivery App Like UberEats?

#1. Order Only Platform: 

Order-only platforms give access to the users to order food from food aggregators listed on the platform. Moreover, these listed eateries display their menus, rates and restaurant reviews to choose the right food provider. In addition to this, it helps the restaurant owners to expand their business but such a model does not provide delivery services to the customers.

#2. Order & Delivery Platform 

If you want to build a food delivery app, you can choose an order & delivery model for your business. This model provides full logistics support to the customers. Hence, it is the best food business model for small restaurants, startups and eateries. This is because these restaurants don’t have enough funds and resources to expand their business idea.

5 Must-Have Features to Build Food Delivery Apps in 2024

Core Techies, a food delivery mobile app development company in India, highlight 5 must-have features to build food delivery apps in 2024.

#1. User Registration:

It is important to have a clear signup process because it is through the signup page that the users try to understand the mobile app better. Hence, the developers need to create a signup page that is simple, less complicated and asks for minimal information from the user. Therefore, we see most of the food delivery apps create a signup page where the user can provide his email. phone number or directly sign up for the app using Google or any other social media platform.

#2. Navigate Window

After the user signs on to the profile, the developer must create a navigation winder or a search bar. Hence, a search bar is used by the user to find the restaurant of his choice to order food. It allows the users to navigate the restaurants listed on the platform using various categories and filters. Therefore, the aim of creating filters while a developer builds a food delivery app is to provide ease to the customers. It helps to make the food ordering process faster for them.

#3. Order Placement 

When it comes to placing an order it is important to create an order process simple and easy for the users. This is because customers hate losing complex methods of ordering food. Hence, it will in the end drop your user retention rate on the app. If you want to increase the user acquisition numbers, you need to make robust mobile apps that require a few clicks from the customers to place an order.

#4 Payment Gateways 

If you are planning to build food delivery apps to start a food business, you need to create secure payment gateways for the customers. Hence, to monetise an app you need to provide safe and secure payment methods to build trust among the users. Therefore, try to provide 2-3 payment modes to the customers so that it becomes easy to make smooth payments.

#5. Order Tracking 

The order tracking feature enables the users to track their orders in real-time. Hence, this feature uses API and CoreLocation framework on Android and iOS respectively. Therefore, this helps to indicate the approximate time for the users to know when their order will be delivered.


Wrapping Up

The demand for food delivery increasing because everyone today looks for easy alternatives to make their life easy. Hence, from booking movie tickets, and paying bills to ordering food, everything is at our fingertips, Therefore, the urge to find better options in the digital landscape never ends. Therefore, the launch of new mobile applications in every niche brings a slight fall in the retention rate. Thus, to improve your user experience and increase your app retention rate, you need to build a food delivery app that directly solves your user’s problem. Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Swiggy and Zomato are great examples to start a food business.

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