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November 19, 2022by Aishwarya Singh0

Do you want to know how QR Code Menu is helping restaurant owners increase footfall in restaurants? The hospitality industry witnessed a hard time recently and reviving the business was seen as a far-fetched dream. But technological innovations like QR Code Menu and contactless delivery helped restaurant owners increase footfall in the restaurants again. Core Techies a restaurant management mobile app development company in India highlights the reasons QR Code Menu is the go-to solution for your restaurants.

Restaurant Management is not an easy task, There are so many things you need to do to enhance your customer experience and make them your loyal customers. People think twice before they move out and dine in a restaurant. However, things are getting back to normal, the customers want to visit places where they feel safe. Therefore, restaurant or cafe owners need to leverage technology to build digital solutions. It will also help you provide better services by analysing the customer data in your system.

In this blog, we will discuss,

  • What is a QR Code Menu?
  • Reasons Restaurants Must Have the QR code Menu in 2023.
  • Wrapping Up

What is a QR Code?

It is a digital version of paper menu cards that customers use to place orders for food they want to eat. Moreover, the QR code is placed on the tables so that the customers can easily scan it using their phone cameras. It will open the digital menu for you to place your orders without waiting for your chance to have a glance at the paper menu. Therefore, it helps to save time and provide contactless service to the customers dining in your restaurants.

In addition to this, there are multiple benefits of using a QR Code menu in your cafes, pubs and restaurants that will make your customers trust you and your hospitality. Hence, technological innovations in the food-tech industry are gradually helping cafe owners and pub owners revive their businesses. Do you run a food & Beverage business and want to know how QR Code Menu is Good for your restaurant? This blog is for you, keep reading and keep exploring!

Reasons QR Code Menu is Good for your Restaurant Business in 2023

If you want to increase footfall in your restaurant and enhance your customer service, you need to experiment with new ways to scale and grow your business. It helps to speed up your processes, track orders, make payments and track customer data to offer better services in the future.

Here are the reasons restaurant, cafe and pub owners need to use Digital Menu in their restaurants. Let us dive straight into the topic.

#1. Reduce Staff &Management Costs:

It will help you reduce the manual resources and staff because most of the services you offer will be automated. Hence, when the system is organised using restaurant management systems, the number of people involved in it can be checked. Therefore, you can cut down your hiring cost and provide better services to the customers.

#2. Contactless -Ordering 

Contactless ordering will enable you to maintain a safe environment for the customers as well as your staff. Do you wonder how this is possible? By scanning the QR Code Menu, the customers can place orders directly in the kitchen. Therefore, it will help you in maintaining social distancing and reduce the waiting time of your customers. This is because nobody likes to wait for a long time once the order is placed.

#3. Better Dining Experience: 

It will not only resolve the food ordering system. But there are products that allow you to track table availability, and reservations, and make payments using the menu. In addition to this, the digital restaurant menu card can be customised as per the requirements of the restaurant owners. Core Techies has developed a QR Code Menu mobile app: Squared Menu, which offers advanced features for restaurants, cafes and pub owners to effectively manage their restaurants

#4. Reduce Human Error: 

Often we get to see how waiters commit errors in food orders. Hence, using a QR Code Menu the customers can place their orders directly. In addition to this, there are details that waiters miss while writing them down on pen and paper. Therefore, it makes it easy for you to list down the allergies and avoid errors.

#5. Add Images: 

Do you want to add images to your food menu? Digital menu cards make it easy for you to add images and entice customers. It will help attract customers and place more orders. Therefore, add professional images to leave a lasting impression on the minds of your customers.

#6. Update Menu Instantly 

There are times when a certain item is out of stock or not available. What do you do every time a certain item is out of stock? In order to save yourself from embarrassment in front of customers. The QR code Menu allows you to instantly update the menu with the items you serve in your cafe.

Wrapping Up

Developing a QR code app for your business will help you collect first-hand data from your customers to improve your services. Hence, you can easily mould your offers and provide personalised services by tracking customer behaviour. Do you want to streamline your restaurant business?

Get a restaurant management app like Squared Menu and grow your business.

Do you want to know more about our services visit the Core Techies Website now!


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