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Do you want to know the trending features of electronic prescription mobile apps? The healthcare industry is using advanced technologies to provide premium services to people on their mobile phones. Handwritten prescription is difficult to understand and increase the chances of committing errors. Why do people avoid using handwritten prescriptions? Because the handwriting of doctors is difficult to understand pharmacists and may result in consuming the wrong medicines, Therefore, to avoid such a situation e-prescription is your go-to solution.

Do you want to know the advanced features of electronic prescription apps in 2022? Core Techies, an e-prescription development company in the USA brings to you the features of e-prescription apps. Keep reading and Keep exploring.

In this blog, we will discuss

  • What is an e-prescription app?
  • A list of Benefits of e-prescription mobile apps?
  • Trending features of e-prescription apps.
  • Conclusion

Benefits of Using Electronic Prescription Mobile Apps in 2022.

What is an E-Prescription Mobile App?

E-prescription is nothing but generating a prescription written by a medical petitioner electronically using the software. Hence, the software is tailor-made as per your requirement to mitigate errors and speed up the entire process. Therefore, the software enables you to send the prescription to the patient and pharmacist with a mere click.

Medical petitioners are adopting new ways to provide better healthcare facilities to patients. Recently I visited a family doctor for a checkup. And I was fascinated to see that even he has adopted new ways with time. Earlier,  he used handwritten prescriptions whenever a patient books an appointment with him. But this time, when I visited him, he hired a professional typist to type the prescription for him. Moreover, this helped him to see more patients during the set hours.

However, the prescription typed by a professional typist does not reduce the chance of errors completely. In addition to this, a typed prescription on paper means more consumption of paper and in turn, it affects our environment. Therefore, e-prescription mobile apps are the best solution that makes the entire process fast, and error-free. The software will help you maintain a digital record of the patient in one place.

Benefits of Using an E-Prescription Mobile App.

There are innumerable benefits of using e-prescription software in healthcare mobile apps. For example,

  1. Reduce errors
  2. Helps to Maintain Digital Medical Records
  3. Clinical Alerts
  4. Faster Medical Services

If you want to know the benefits of developing an e-prescription mobile app find it on Core Techie’s Website

Trending Features of Electronic Prescription Apps in 2022.

The purpose of electronic prescription mobile apps is to solve healthcare-related issues without any delay. Do you want to know the trending features of e-prescription software that make it stand out and help medical petitioners to provide better facilities to patients? Come let us together explore!

#1. Schedule Alerts: 

When medical experts use e-prescription software it helps them to send alerts timely alerts related to appointments. It will help both the doctors and the patients never miss an appointment. Moreover, the software framework is designed in a way that you can schedule alerts for dosage and alerts to new your sessions before it ends to avoid continuity.

#2. List of Allergies: 

Patients get the window to list down the allergies so that the medical experts are aware of what not to prescribe a patient when he pays a visit to him. In addition to this, we tend to consult different doctors so it becomes easy for the other doctor to know what type of salt does not suit your body.

#3 Maintains a Medical Database 

Maintaining medical records and organising all the medical documents in one place seems like an elephant in the room When the medical records are digitally placed in one place., it becomes easy for two different medical experts to track your medical history and provide you with the best treatment

#4. E-Cancellation :

Last-minute cancellations are the worst thing as it disturbs the entire schedule. E-cancellation feature in an e-prescription app can help you avail the refund of your fees in case you fail to visit the doctor.

#5. Payment Gateways: 

It is important to provide secure payment gateways to the patients that will help them make quick payments while booking an appointment with the medical expert. Integration of multiple payment gateways will help users to choose the payment mode to make secure payments.

#6, E-Prescription 

The electronic prescription apps help to send the prescription to the pharmacist directly. It will help to reduce errors and avoid risks to life.

Wrapping Up

E-prescription mobile apps are making lives easy and helping the healthcare sector provide advanced facilities to people. Moreover one of the biggest advantages of electronic prescription software is that it helps to mitigate errors and help people living in distant areas avail of medical aid on time.

Do you want to get a healthcare mobile app developed? Core Techies have a professional team of mobile app developers.

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(M) +91 9315213579

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