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Do you want to know about the cost to create on-demand delivery application? Wondering how much you need to invest to create an on-demand delivery application? What are the features that can make your on-demand delivery app successful in the market? Core Techies a mobile application development company in the Netherlands is here to answer all your questions related to it. The on-demand delivery applications are popular in every sphere today. In the present scenario, we create an on-demand delivery app for every business. From food delivery, groceries and healthcare etc. The popularity of the on-demand delivery application cannot overshadow the drawbacks associated with it. Hence, to create an on-demand delivery application business owners need to have a strategic plan to avoid failures.

Why do We Need to Create an On-Demand Delivery Application?

The mobile application developers believe that there are various reasons for which we need to create on-demand delivery Apps. One of the basic reasons for developing an on-demand delivery app is to process the fast delivery of the products. The other reasons include-

  • Fast Delivery of products.
  • Pocket-friendly prices than the traditional service provider.
  • Easy Payments
  • Rating System
  • Part-time opportunity for contractors

What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of an On-Demand Delivery App?

Core Techies a mobile application development company have experienced app developers in the team. The team of application developers highlights some of the strengths and weaknesses you should consider before you create an on-demand delivery app.


1. Better service delivery than the traditional equivalent in the market.

2. Better opportunities for customers, drivers and contractors.

3. Win the faith of new customers and loyal users.


1. Increase in Transportation Expenses.

2. Success is not instant. It comes gradually.

3. Balance of demand and supply.

4. Unpredictable Nature.


1. Lack of a proper plan and set goals can lead to failure.

2. Tough Competition in the market.

3. No Rules and Regulations.

Thus, the above pointers need to be kept in mind by business owners if they are planning to create an on-demand delivery application for any business.

What are the features of the On-Demand Delivery App?

We have listed some of the basic features of an on-demand delivery application. If you are willing to get an application developed for your business. All you need to do is to get these features developed in your mobile app.

1. Window to Place Orders.

2. Proper Schedule of Deliveries.

3. Track Delivery through Maps.

4. Payment Gateway.

5. Rating and Feedback Window.

Additional Features:

Our app developers suggest that if the focus of the mobile app is on food delivery or grocery delivery to the users. The additional features should be created in the application such as

1. Search bar for products.

2. Shopping lists.

3. Wish list Tap.

4. Real-time messaging and calls.

Therefore, all the features are essential for creating a robust on-demand delivery application.

How much does it Cost to Create an On-Demand Delivery Application?

Core Techies a web and mobile app development company would like to highlight the estimated cost of developing an application. The cost of any application depends on the technology used plus the time invested by the entire team. Moreover, the cost of every organisation differs in its own way. Let us find out the estimated hours required to create a mobile app.

Team                                                                                                  Hours

Business Analyst                                                                              120 – 160

UI/UX Designer                                                                                 120 – 160

Mobile App Developer                                                                       480 – 640

Backend Developers                                                                         240 – 320

Quality Assurance Engineer                                                                  160

Project Manager                                                                                 80 – 160

Total                                                                                                 1200 – 1600

On-Demand Delivery Application Features:

Client Application Features

Signing up

Account Setting

Creating Orders

Ongoing Orders

Order History Notification

Driver Application Features 

Signing up

Account Setting

Drop off location

Order Pool

Picked up orders

Order History Notification

Time-Taking Features 

Admin Panel

Booking Delivery

Delivery Status

Push Notifications

Payment Gateway

Quick Take-Aways From Core Techies:

Core Techies would like to recommend some quick takeaways to make the most out of the mobile application.

Start with Small-scale: 

We would always advise you to start the business with a small investment and on a small scale. Hence, this approach of gradually expanding the business will help you in the longer run.

Plan of Promotion: 

To make your mobile application a success you need to have a plan to promote it. The promotions should be conducted before the launch of the application. Hence, promoting applications before the launch can help you reach your target audience and enhance your visibility.

Earn Trust:

We believe it is important for the business organisation to earn the trust of users and the contractors who deliver the orders. Trust can be earned by enabling rating for contractors, screening drivers and offering customer services etc.

Retain Contractors:

To retain your contractors, you need to devise a method to make them stay with you. We would suggest you, provide a flexible schedule, high rates, transport expenses, and other perks.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that mobile application development helps to enhance the reach and scalability of your business. Hence, a professional guide can make your task easy. Are you planning to get an on-demand delivery application developed? Reach out to us, Core Techies today and get a free quote.


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