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September 19, 2022

Do you want to know how you can use Artificial intelligence in healthcare mobile app development? The advancement of technology has changed the face of the healthcare sector across the globe. Are you confused about how AI can be used in mobile apps? Core Techies, a mobile app development company in the Netherlands, highlights the...

September 8, 2022

The most awaited Apple Event wrapped up last night. In the Apple Far Out Event 2022, the Apple team announced iPhone 14 lineup, new Apple Watches, Apple Watch Ultra and new AirPods Pro earbuds. Core Techies, a mobile application development company sums up the Apple Far Out Event for you. Are you planning to buy...

August 30, 2022

There are uncountable challenges restaurant owners face every day. From establishing a food truck business, a small restaurant or establishing a cloud kitchen at home. Everything needs to be planned systematically to make your startup business successful. Do you want to know the challenges all restaurant owners face in 2022? Core Techies, a restaurant mobile...

August 24, 2022

The mobile application development industry witnesses new trends every year isn’t it? Do you want to know 5 trending mobile app ideas in 2022? Technology has made our lives easy. We can now connect with anyone globally with one click. Download an e-commerce app on your phone, you can order groceries at your doorstep. Therefore,...

August 16, 2022

Do you want to know the benefits of using electronic prescription mobile apps? The mobile application development technology is making the life of people easy. It allows you to do everything with a mere click, isn’t it?  From booking appointments, and consulting online to getting the medicines delivered. The users can access all the services...

August 8, 2022

Do you want to maximize ASO strategy to rank your mobile app higher on App Stores? The software updates in iOS15 and Android 13.5 has highlighted the need to level up your app store optimization to increase your growth. Core Techies, a mobile app development company in India brings ways to enhance your ASO strategy...

August 4, 2022

Do you want to know why should restaurants use POS system? When you run a business there are multiple things that you need to manage simultaneously. It remains the same for restaurant owners, In order to manage the business, you need to use productive techniques and tools to manage the business efficiently. A comprehensive point...

July 25, 2022

Traditional marketing has taken a back seat in the present scenario. Small businesses leverage social media marketing to grow their business. Are you a small business owner? Do you want to know how you should use social media to market your products and grow your business? It is important to adopt new marketing trends to...

July 19, 2022

Do you want to know how you can increase the user retention rate on your mobile apps? It is easy to get more downloads, but the real task is to retain the users on the mobile app isn’t it? We will discuss easy ways to maintain your retention rate and enhance user engagement on your...

July 13, 2022

Do you want to know how live streaming apps are transforming online shopping? We get to see more brands using live streaming apps to reach out to their customers. Live commerce is the new way to reach consumers by going live directly and video e-commerce. Hence, it helps to revolutionize the retail industry and the...

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Noida Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Ground Floor, Workwings, H-187, Sector 63,
Noida (201301), NCR, India
(M) +91 9315213579

Bikaner Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
Office 103, E 9 & 10, Kanta Khaturia,
Bikaner (334001) , Rajasthan, India
(M) +91 969 4322999

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