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Android is the most user-friendly operating system for mobile devices. It has a huge base around the globe as compared to other operating systems. Android mobile users get to see new updates frequently. The introduction of Android 10 was a makeshift in the Android operating system. It gave users many unique features from Dark mode to other changes concerning to mobile applications. Moreover, it also brought an end to an era with new features.

Android 10 was the instrument of growth and brought advancement to Google. Similarly, the same functions and rules are followed by the Android 11 developer preview. Core Techies, one of the best mobile development companies in India, brings to you the impact new Android 11 features will have on your mobile application.

Why it is Necessary to Keep an Eye on Every New Android Update?

It is essential to keep an eye on the new software updates. Google every time at the mid of May, make a new announcement about the new Android updates. Hence, Android mobile application developers need to keep themselves updated with the technology to serve the best to their clients. Moreover, the businesses also want to give the best to their target audience. Thus, it becomes important for both the ends to keep an eye on the technological updates.

Core Techies a mobile development agency brings to you some of the new features of Android 11 which are introduced by the highlights of the new software.

New Features of Android 11

  • One-Time Permission
  • Built-in Screen Recorder
  • Improvement in Messaging
  • Preparation for 5G
  • Adaption of different Screen Types

1. One- time Permission:

 If we move back to Android 10, the more control it gave of the applications to the users. The way the permission handling of the apps is done is worth all the praise. Hence, Android 11, keeps that going as when now application asks for permission, the users can grant it on a one-time basis. The moment you shut the application down the permission will be revoked.

2. Messaging Improvements:

The users will get to see many improvements with the coming of the Android 11. For instance, the chat bubbles will be introduced for every on-going chat. These chat bubbles can be dragged to the side of the screen and you can tap the specific bubble and continue to chat. In addition to this, the dedicated sections, are given in the notification section. Hence, making messaging in a real-time. Moreover, this new software update will enable you to send images when you reply from the notification.

3. Built-in Screen Recorder:

The screen-recorder is the basic feature which Android user was waiting for quite some time now. The Android 11 preview showcases the introduction of the built-in screen-recorder. This is accompanied by a polished UI and toggle for recording the audio and showing the touches in the recording.

4. Screen Types:

The adoption of different screen types is the recent change in the Android market. The major reason is the advancement of foldable screens in various gadgets. In the year 2020, we will get to see more addition to the foldable screen in different sizes and resolutions.

5. Preparation of 5G:

The need for 5G is going rounds since the second half of the past year. The current coronavirus pandemic crisis and the way technologies and industries are facing the crisis emphasis more on the demand of the 5G technology.

What will be the Impact of New Android 11 Features on Mobile Applications?

Core Techies, a mobile development company in UAE, gave this platform to the developers in the team to discuss the impact of the new features on the mobile application. Hence, these are the changes that your Android application development service providers will look into when Android 11 will be introduced.

1. Restrict Permission Dialogue:

The users will be able to restrict permission dialogue. In case the users click on Deny option twice, it will be interpreted ‘Don’t Ask Again. This highlights that clarity should be there to convey the reason behind asking for permission in your marketing methods or through your MVP features.

2. Application Usage Statistics:

The user’s Application usage data will be kept private. Android 11 is empowered to keep all the usage data statistics in encrypted storage. Therefore, either the app or any system will be able to access the data until some coding is done.

3. Lowered Data Redundancy:

There is a certain situation where the mobile application requires to use a larger dataset on another application. It is seen that in the earlier version of Android, in such a case each application has to download the separate data set. Therefore, this new software update allows large datasets to get cached on devices using the shared data bulbs.

4. Clarity on app process exit reasons:

The new feature introduced by Android 11 includes the report generating reasons for the termination of the application. The mobile application owners will not be able to generate data around crash diagnostics in details Thus, it is one of the important advantages of the new software update

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, it can be said that the countdown is on and our mobile app developers have already started looking into the details of the Android 11 preview document and experimenting around it on your test applications. Thus, Core Techies mobile app developers will be able to deliver fast to its clients on time after the launch of the new update.

Why not get in touch with our application developers to know more details and guide plans for the migration of mobile applications.

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