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Web & Mobile App DevelopmentWhat are the Design Trends for Mobile Applications in 2020?

The designing of mobile applications plays a major role in the success of an application. The eye-catching user interface design helps to enhance the overall user experience. The smooth user interface design and engaging contents are two major tools to let your mobile application taste success in the market. Are you aware of the latest design trends for mobile applications? What are the changes that you can adopt to make your app user-centric? Core Techies, a logo design company in India has simplified the popular Design Trends in 2020. Hence, designers need to give a glance before they design new mobile apps for their clients

What are the Benefits of User Interface Design for Mobile Apps?

Core Techies, a mobile app development agency would like to highlight some of the benefits of (UI) designs for mobile applications.

1. Value Enhancement:

The visual appeal of the applications plays a vital role in adding more value to the brand. It helps to leave an ever-lasting impression on the minds of your target audience.

2. Connection Building:

The users feel more connected with your brand when the mobile application design reflects the user’s persona into it. Therefore, in simple words, the user’s needs and requirements are kept in mind so that they can relate to them.

3. Smooth UX:

The design simplifies the activities of users and enhances their user experience. The designing of icons and more elements together contributes to making the user experience smooth.

Best Mobile Applications with Awesome User Interface Designs. Find Out.

The mobile application designers at Core Techies, a web design company in the Netherlands highlight some of the best mobile applications with an awesome user interface. These applications can be termed as the trendsetter in the industry.

1. Coursera:

The Coursera mobile application is providing user interface design goals in the market. The design of the mobile application is simple, and smooth and provides an ease to the users while using the application. The designers have used different colours and font styles to let users identify the differences.

2. Netflix:

The most popular mobile application which played an important role in changing the idea of watching movies. It tops the list of giving real goals to designers with such a visually appealing design. Therefore, the colour combination, layout, and smooth navigation together contribute to the wonderful user experience.

Thus, there are many more mobile applications which have a beautiful user interface. Let us now look for some important aspects which designers need to keep in mind while designing an app.

Trends and Tips to Use in Mobile Applications Designing in 2020:

1. Make it Simple:

To increase user retention rate, designers should limit the use of user interface elements in the mobile application of brands. Moreover, simple design helps to enhance user experience and make them focus on the important features of the application.

2. Common- Icons:

There are certain universal icons or common icons users can instantly relate to when they open your mobile application. The icons should have a common design to make it easy for users to recognise their functionality of it. Hence, the common icons used in different applications also help to make the user experience hassle-free.

3. Consistent:

It is very important to have consistency in mobile application design. The designers need to follow the same style, fonts, colour combination, and correct order while developing a design for the mobile app. Thus, a well-designed app makes the user recognise the brand.

4. App Store Guidelines:

It is one of the crucial things designers need to follow while they finalize the design of the mobile application. The designers and mobile application developers need to adhere to the set guidelines published by the platforms.

5. The overlapping Effect:

In 2020, UI/UX designers will be more inclined to follow an overlapping design. It is about overlapping the content on the image used. Hence, it also includes overlapping of colours, texts and images, etc.

6. Curved Corners:

Another user interface trend will be to use simple curves and other patterns. Hence, it is done to cut down the confusion when multiple screens and images are open together.

7. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence technology is also a recent trend which designers can use to design mobile applications in 2020. The technology will not only make a designer work on different versions of a mobile app. This will help in adding a personalised element to the mobile application of a brand.

Wrapping Up:

There are many more design trends which designers should consider while designing a mobile application such as animation, virtual reality, storytelling, opacity and white space etc. Therefore, all these elements will help designers make and deliver a smooth and uncomplicated experience to their clients.

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Core Techies India Private Limited
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Noida (201301), NCR, India
(M) +91 9315213579

Bikaner Office

Core Techies India Private Limited
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