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April 21, 2020by Aishwarya Singh0

Businesses all around the globe are greatly hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic. IT companies are also struggling hard due to the pandemic. Businesses are looking for ways to protect their organizations from the impact of the coronavirus across the globe. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has created a ripple effect on the global economy. Hence, the total loss is estimated to be one trillion dollars. Therefore, IT companies too are looking for alternatives to protect their businesses.

National Response to Coronavirus Crisis:

The moment World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus as a pandemic. The situation is alarming because the virus is deadly and spreads from one person to another if not treated timely. Normal life has come to the halt from the time nation is in complete lockdown. Moreover, this nationwide lockdown has impacted business sectors badly. IT Companies are also coping with the situation by implementing innovative methods to protect their organisation. Are you running an IT company and thinking what are the best ways to protect the downfall of the business?

How are IT Companies Protecting their Businesses During COVID-19?

The guidelines issued by the government suggest that people need to maintain social distancing. In addition to this government, authorities asked IT companies to allow their employees to work from home. Coronavirus has affected the normal functioning of the offices. The economy has seen a downfall since the arrival of coronavirus. Thus, Core Techies being an IT company in India, supports the government decision and is following work from home policy.

We would like to share our experience with how IT companies and various businesses are adhering to the rules and regulations laid down by the government. Let us dive straight into the topic and look into some of the ways to protect the business.

Ways to Protect Business of IT Companies from Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. Meaningful Change:

The government guidelines had suggested IT Companies follow a work-from-home policy. There are businesses which are completely closed. Companies and businesses are adjusting to the changing needs of the people, customers and organisations. Hence, this time can be used to make meaningful changes. A meaningful change means we need to think of innovative ways that help to maintain the productivity of the employees.

2. Work from Home:

The IT Companies can ask the team members to work at home. This action can ensure the safety of the employees plus technology advancement can help IT companies protect their business. Thus, work from home policy is the only way for businesses around the globe to run their operations in this hour of crisis.

3. Draft a Plan:

Drafting a plan can be helpful for any organisation. A proper plan can be laid down by the administrators. The plan should list out the important functions that cannot be shut- down in any case. Hence, it is time to cut down on the unnecessary expenditure of the company. Therefore, a proper strategy can help industries from falling short of finances.

4. Maintain Financial Reserves:

This sudden situation of crisis has affected businesses rapidly. The nationwide lockdown has stopped the current inflow of finances. This, in turn, is exhausting the financial reserves of the companies. Thus, IT companies and other organisations must use the reserves carefully. Because reserves cannot last for a long time if spent mindlessly.

How is Core Techies making the Difference being an IT Company?

Opportunity to Enhance Skills

Core Techies, an IT development company in India is exploring different ways to boost the confidence of the team members. The company is coming up with unique ways to let its team members use the current time to enhance their skill-set. Enhancing a skill can open new opportunities. Hence, we are trying to make the most out of the current situation. Therefore, Core Techies’ aim is to let their employees use this time to learn something new which has always been on their bucket list.

In conclusion, I would like to share a message which was received by the entire team members in the mail from our Co-Founder, Arvind Chaurasia about a unique initiative started by Core Techies for us to enhance our skills. The idea is to learn something we always wanted to do but somehow could not do it.

From the Founder’s Desk

Lockdown is not a full stop to learning something new. Amidst the economic uncertainty that surrounds us, we would like to take the first step to secure our team members’ future and growth.


Hi Team,

‘I believe you all are following the lockdown and staying safe amid the coronavirus outbreak. During this period of work from home, I hope you all are having a great time with your family. This lockdown period is a time for every one of us to finish our personal work. Along with this being in the IT sector, we all can understand the importance of enhancing our skills. Let us learn new things which we ever wanted to learn but could not do so due to paucity of time.  

We understand the same and we would like to encourage all of you to learn new things. Hence, we have decided to encourage everyone by providing Udemy courses to all you. Each one of you can learn any new course. For instance, a course on any new technology, domain technology, a course on any co-curricular activity etc.

Therefore, everyone please choose a Udemy course and share the link with HR by tomorrow evening. We will ask the in-charge concern to share the link with everyone over mail.

I believe you will keep the spirits high and utilise the opportunity to the best.

Stay Home, Stay Safe.’

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