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The food delivery at our doorstep has become the most common thing. What made it possible? The advancement in technology and revolution of smartphones has made life easy. The food delivery applications play a major role in expanding the food delivery services. With the use of the food delivery applications, users can order food in the comfort of their homes. Core Techies, a top mobile development company brings to you some of the major food delivery applications to order food. These applications have proved to be real game-changer in food delivery service business. The mobile development technology is helping brands to expand the businesses.

Role of Startups and Food Delivery Applications:

There are many startups and companies in food delivery services. Food delivery applications have become the medium to cut the rising competition in the business. Thus, food delivery applications are available for both Android and Apple mobile users. Therefore, the food delivery brands are providing their services in all the major cities in India.

Best Food Delivery Applications in India to Order Food:

The best mobile and web development technology is helping major businesses to expand the reach. Therefore, Food delivery services are no exception. Core Techies, a top mobile development company in India and Netherlands, brings to you some of the best food delivery applications. Thus, all you need do is to install the food delivery applications on the smartphone and order food of your choice.

1. Swiggy:

The brand motive is to deliver food to every corner of India. Swiggy is known for its fast and timely food delivery solutions. The popularity of the brand can be understood by the number of application downloads which accounts for one million-plus download of the application. Swiggy is available on Google Play Store and App Store. It is providing its services in all the popular cities in India

2. Zomato:

It has become the most popular delivery app in India. Zomato has expanded its base not only in India but in other countries as well. The mobile application of the brand gives you the option to access information regarding restaurants ratings, reviews, prices, scanned menus and more.

Thus, Zomato has opened itself to new avenues to collaborate with new technology development companies. The basic idea is to use innovative ways to stand the competition in the market. For instance, Zomato is planning to introduce food delivery by using drones.

3. Uber Eats:

Uber, the most popular taxi services application globally. The brand has also expanded its feather in the food services. With its most managed mobile application, Uber Eats services are setting an example in the industry. The food delivery application currently works in all major cities in India. For instance, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai etc.

The recent marketing strategy adopted by the company makes it different from others in the business. Therefore, the company has signed youth icon Alia Bhatt as an ambassador for their brand and to attract the attention of the younger audience.

4. Foodpanda:

Foodpanda is a mobile food delivery service. It is available in thirteen major countries. Moreover, it was recently taken over by Ola company. With this Ola will be returning into food delivery services after the closure of Ola Café, Hence, the foodpanda is delivering food to their customers globally.

Food Delivery Applications for Railway Passengers in India:

5. RailRestro:

RailRestro is an authorised agency by IRCTC e-catering services. The passengers can use the mobile application to get their ordered food on their respective seats. The food delivery applications are helping both private and public enterprises. RailRestro gives the option of paying online or after the delivery of food.

6. TravelKhana:

Do you want to grab your favourite meal while you are on the wheels? TravelKhana is the reputed and recognised food delivery service when you are on the train. It is catering across 250 railway stations and in more than 400 trains running across these stations. TravelKhana aims to serve fresh and delicious food. Therefore, TravelKhana caters different types of food to the customers. The passengers can place their order through the website, app or a direct call.

 Famous Fast- Food Delivery Applications in India:

7. Dominos:

Dominos one of the most popular pizza delivery services in India. The brand started delivery services to the doorstep of the customers long back. But earlier the medium of ordering pizza was through a phone call. The advancement of technology had made it possible for the brand to get a mobile app developed. Dominos now has a food delivery application which helps users to place orders.

The 30 minutes delivery time has made it possible to cut down the competition in the industry.

8. Pizza Hut Delivery:

Pizza Hut Delivery app is yet another food delivery application in India. They provide delivery of your favourite pizza from the nearest food outlet. There is a variety of options from pizza to other food items for customers to place orders. Thus, it is known for its swift and fast delivery services among the urban population.

9. McDelivery:

The global fast-food chain McDonald’s have started an initiative of McDelivery. Loyal customers can order food by using the application. The customers can enjoy the taste of their ordered food in their homes. The food delivery application is serving to a limited audience in India. Therefore, the brand still has scope to expand its services in other parts of India.

10. FoodCloud:

FoodCloud a food delivery service which brings homemade food from the chefs to the customers. The tagline suggests ‘Happiness is Homemade.’ Moreover, they are providing their services across India. For instance, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. The food delivery application helps the users to order home-cooked food at their doorstep.

Wrapping Up:

The current situation of coronavirus pandemic is working in favour of food delivery services. The selected players in the market are allowed by the government administration to deliver food. Thus, the food delivery applications of different brands have become the last resort in the times of coronavirus. Therefore, Core Techies, a web & mobile development company in India is using its expertise in developing food delivery mobile applications for their clients. Are you planning to enter this domain and want to get a mobile application developed for your business? Get a free quote from us!

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