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Geofencing technology is breaking the headlines in the newspapers. The outbreak of coronavirus has made the government resort to this technology. Do you know where else we use geofencing technology? The major brands like Starbucks, Burger King, Uber, Ola etc use geofencing technology in mobile applications. Do you want to know more about Geofencing technology and its use in businesses? Mobile application development companies create different types of applications some support geofencing technology to trace the location of the users. Do you want to explore how a geofencing-enabled application works? Core Techies application developers are sharing their insight into the utility of the app. Keep Reading and Keep exploring.

How does Mobile Technology Use Geofencing?

Geofencing technology is a location-based service in which an application or any other software uses a global positioning system (GPS) and radio frequency identification (RIFD). Moreover, it also works with WIFI and cellular data to set up a pre-programmed action when the mobile device or RIFD tag enters or exits a virtual boundary. Geofencing uses a virtual boundary which is set up around a geographical location known as a geofence.  Hence, in simple words, a geofence is a virtual boundary defined by technology.

In simple words, a geofence is a targeted area set by the mobile application development company according to the requirement of the clients. For instance, if the mobile app is being developed for a food outlet. The mobile application developer will mark an area of around 300 metres. Hence, the people entering this marked geo fence area will receive an SMS alert on their mobile phones to check out for a meal in the outlet. Therefore, customer-targeted marketing is done by geofencing technology.

Operation of Geofencing On Mobile Application.

Applications which use geofencing technology require three things to mark geofence virtual technology. Mobile developers need to mark a radius of up 300 metres to gain accurate information about their audience. Along with this, it requires latitude and longitude to mark a definite area around it.

Mobile Application: Where do we need Geofencing Technology?

  • Social Networking
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Workplace Monitoring
  • Gadgets
  • Personal Security
  • Emergency Situation

Social Networking Platforms:

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat make use of geofencing technology. Facebook, a social media giant uses geofence technology in the form of friends’ nearby features. The Mobile application tries to trace the people in your list within a set radius. Moreover, while you attend an event or concert the moment you enter the venue, your mobile phone receives an alert to check in or take a snap. Therefore, it tries to reach more audiences and increase engagement.


Geofencing technology is currently being used in border security by different countries. India too uses geofence technology on international borders for security purposes. Hence, as soon as anyone tries to violate the borderlines a security alert is sent to the security deployed on the borders. Therefore, the mobile application sends alerts both on the entry and exit of the person from the geofenced area.

Mobile Application and Marketing using Geofencing Technology.

Brand Marketing:

There are different businesses which enable geofencing technology in the mobile marketing application. For instance, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Burger King etc food outlets are using geofence technology. Hence, the moment you pass the virtual boundary marked by the outlet a notification pops on your screen. The alert informs the customer about the current discounts to attract them and earn more profits Moreover, it helps to cut the competition with other brands in the market.

Work Place Monitoring:

Recently we have seen that geofencing technology is being used by offices to monitor their employees. It sends alerts to the manager of the times the employee enters and left the premises. Technology is seen to be useful in maintaining discipline among the staff of the office.

Personal Security:

In times when the theft and crime rate is high in the country. One of the major concerns of parents is the security of their children when they are out for work. Similarly, parents are worried about their little children playing outside the house or in school. Therefore, geofencing in the mobile application helps in keeping a close watch on the movement of their children.

How is Geofencing Technology in Mobile Application Helping Fight COVID-19?

Technology acts as a boon in emergencies like the Coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic is getting severe day by day and governments are finding it difficult to fight it. To control the pandemic, various governments are using geofencing technology. It helps to trace and monitor infected and quarantined people. The idea behind is to locate quarantine violators by the government. The app sends SMS and E-mail alerts to the government agency, as soon as the quarantined person violates the movement restrictions. The location is based on mobile phone towers. Telecom service providers have provided the required information.

Kerala became the first state to use geofencing to monitor coronavirus-affected patients. The Central government on April 2nd 2020, launched Aarogya Setu app for Android and ISO users. The objective of launching is aimed primarily to track the community transmission, tracing the contact and travel history. The purpose is to keep a track of quarantined people.

Do you think your data is secured during the entire process? The government assures the people that the data of the infected person is uploaded on a common platform for a specified period of 2- 4 weeks. Governments also assure that the user data is removed once he completes quarantine. Thus, we can say that geofencing technology is helping in keeping a close eye on infected people.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, it can be pointed out that there are uncountable benefits of using this technology in the app. It helps in promoting security, increases productivity and is accurate. Core Techies, a mobile development company in India, has been guiding many clients with the benefits of applications using geofencing technology.

One comment

  • Daniel O Brien

    August 4, 2020 at 7:05 PM

    I am trying to develop a travel app that will trigger voice notifications when the user reaches certain points along their chosen route using geofencing technology or similar. I have sought funding for the project from certain Irish semi-state bodies, and so far all the feedback is positive. My app will initially be used on the WAW, (Wild Atlantic Way) in ireland. I have most of the content gathered for this route. and as it is over 2500 Km in length, the amount of content gathered is quite extensive. The content will include points of interest along the route, names of ( townlands, villages,towns etc) as the tourist approaches each of the above. It will give information as to how the local placename was derived from the Irish language, population, how people are employed etc. All the voice notifications are pre-recorded and there will obviously be two different sets. One for the tourist travelling in a northerly direction and a different set ( but almost the same ), for the tourist travelling in a southerly direction.

    In order for me to progress the funding for the project, my prospective investors want to see that the technology exists for the project. What I am asking of yourselves is
    a) Are you interested in the project
    b) Is it possible for yourselves to develop a trial version of the app that would trigger, for example, two random voice messages when a person would pass two random points on a road in my locality.

    I await your response,
    Thanking you,
    Daniel O Brien


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