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The website development industry is changing at a breakneck pace, making it challenging for firms to stay afloat in this rapidly expanding digital market. As a result, organizations must stay up with the current web development trends to succeed in the long term.

Even if you have a robust online product in mind, this is particularly true. The most challenging part for companies is to figure out which web development trends are best for them.

In this post, you will learn about the top web development trends of 2022 and how to choose the right technology for your organization.

Top 10 website development trends to follow in 2022

1. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

With PWA, a website appears and functions like a mobile app on the user’s phone or another mobile device. It doesn’t require users to go to an app store, buy software, and download it independently. PWAs take the favourable position of the native features of a smartphone without mandating them to do this.

Rather than that, a PWA may be identified with a search engine request and quickly accessible via a browser. Perhaps the most astonishing aspect is that the response times are lightning fast, precisely like those on a monitor.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

PWA-like technologies AMP are becoming more popular in web development. The goal here is to make the user’s time on the website as pleasant as possible to keep them coming back. It helps organizations save money on user experience (UX) while also expanding their market reach.

In addition to the open-source plugin created by Google and Twitter, there is another functionality. As a result, the text is easier to read on mobile devices. Plugins such as AMP make the internet more user-friendly regardless of any internet speed.

3. Everything is On Internet (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of internet-enabled devices that do not need human intervention to send data. This is one to watch out for in terms of current web development trends. In 2022, it won’t be science fiction to envision a world in which everyday things are interconnected with the internet. In 2025, there will be approximately 30 billion IoT gadgets worldwide.

Cameras and sensors, signalling devices, and other diverse uses of the technology make it easier to meet clients’ needs.

4. Dark Mode

Designers have been using the illumination design for decades, but now they are using a low-light user interface with a dark colour as the primary backdrop, which is termed “Dark Mode,” “Night Mode,” “Shadow Mode,” or simply “Dark View.”

Users are spending more and more time in front of a computer screen, which has led to the rise of Dark Mode as a solution to reduce eye strain and extend the amount of time spent on a website. Major tech companies such as Facebook and Google are investing big time into this approach.

5. API-first Development

APIs promote the links between new technologies as they arise, which is why they are so important. APIs have been available for about two decades now. However, product developers primarily focused on creating physical products, with software and gadgets just becoming an addition in the past.

The strategy makes it possible for developers to work in parallel, which cuts down on the amount of time and money spent on development. This decreases the risk of project failure by ensuring that all APIs are dependable and consistent.

6. Voice search optimization

When it comes to voice search optimization, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Amazon Alexa have become an integral part of our daily lives. Voice recognition technology has made remarkable gains among the most recent web development trends.

Global sales of smart speakers will reach 163 million devices in 2022, increasing 21%. Siri and Alexa, two popular artificial intelligence (AI) personal assistants, have enabled this change via speech recognition.

So, it’s fair to assume that speech recognition is on the rise, and it should be used to boost accessibility and improve the customer’s overall experience.

7. User Experience in AR/VR

Virtual and augmented reality have changed web development patterns significantly. Several industry experts expect a 9.982 billion dollars mixed reality business by 2024. VR is popular in tourism, construction, and commerce, and users may virtually tour a product before buying it.

Beauty firms like L’Oréal and Nyx are using virtual reality to assist their clients in making informed purchases.

With augmented reality in web development, consumers will be more comfortable and convenient. As a consequence, engaging with the service is much more efficient.

8. TypeScript programming

Web developers must identify methods to simplify their work to enhance the user experience. The JavaScript issues are being taken care of by using the TypeScript programming language. Because of this language’s recent rise in popularity, a seamless switchover will be in 2022.

TypeScript is a critical component of responsive design. Here are a handful of the many reasons why you should do so:

  • Code is simpler to grasp
  • Faster project implementation.
  • Cut down on errors
  • Revisions take less time
  • MInimize stereotyping


9. Chatbots powered by AI

AI-enabled chatbots have grown in popularity among organizations as digitalization has accelerated in recent years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning have all contributed to the evolution of chatbots. Furthermore, it can manage complicated procedures and respond quickly. These codes of bots are through the Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot Engine, and Dialogue Flow open source technologies.

As per the Salesforce customer service study, the use of AI-powered chatbots has increased by 136% and will continue to expand significantly in the future.

10. Serverless Architecture

Currently, serverless architecture is the speediest paradigm in cloud computing, and it’s already taking the industry by storm. Developers may concentrate on the code rather than the infrastructure provisioning, scalability, and maintenance using this paradigm. As a result, serverless apps may be implemented in a matter of hours.

Amazon and Netflix are two of the most excellent examples of companies that have made the most money using this design. Microsoft Azure, IBM OpenWhisk, Amazon Web Services Lambda, and Google Cloud Functions are just a handful of the well-known providers of serverless computing services.


Web design is evolving rapidly to keep pace with the demands of today’s internet users. It’s possible that in the future, some of these themes may be geared toward improving the UX of wearable technologies or other gadgets we haven’t seen yet. As a web developer, it’s essential to stay up to date on the latest online design and development trends.


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